Follow These Safety Steps If You’re Having A Wheelchair Lift Installed In A Home With Kids

A wheelchair lift can greatly enhance your life, finally making it possible for you to navigate from one floor to the next in your home without assistance. To a child, however, a wheelchair lift looks a lot like a fun amusement park or playground ride. In order to protect your little ones from injuries, it's important to follow these safety precautions when having a wheelchair lift installed in your home.

Choose the type of lift that requires a key for operation.

Some wheelchair lift models will not turn on and work unless a key is inserted in them. You can wear the key around your neck or on a wristband, and use it when you need to operate the lift. Since your child presumably does not have access to the key, he or she will not get hurt trying to go up and down on the lift. Of course, you'll need to keep a close eye on your keys at all times to prevent your child from accessing them -- especially if your child sees you using the key and knows that it turns the lift on.

Teach kids to stand back when the lift comes down the stairs.

Presuming you are purchasing the kind of lift that attaches to the wall and descends the stairway, there is a risk of your child ending up on the stairs and getting pushed down by the lift. To avoid such situations, teach your child not to stand on the stairway when you are operating the lift. Explain how dangerous this situation could be. Most lifts have a button that will allow you to stop them partway down the staircase. Ensure you have access to this and can press it, if needed, in the case that your child disobeys and climbs the stairs while you're using the lift.

Close off the staircase area with child-proof gates when possible.

If your home arrangement allows for it, and you're able to open and close a gate effectively, consider putting up childproof gates to keep your child from accessing the stairway. This way, you don't have to worry about them playing around (and possibly injuring themselves) on the tracks for the lift or the lift itself. When your child needs to go up the stairs, you can unlatch the gate and watch them ascend or descend the stairs safely.

Having a wheelchair lift installed in your home will improve your safety by making it easier for you to go from floor to floor. Make sure it does not compromise your child's safety by following the tips above and speaking frankly with your child about the possible dangers of playing with your equipment. To find out more, speak with a business like Accessible Solutions.