Gift Ideas For An Elderly Couple Living With A Chronic Illness

If you are struggling with a gift buying decision for an elderly couple living with a chronic illness, then you have come to the right place!

Here are some gift ideas to help you choose the right gift:

Chair Heat/Massage Mat

Heat and massage mats are available at stores that carry general merchandise. The mat sits on the chair and is plugged into the wall. There are controls to warm the mat, vibrate the mat, and to do both at the same time. These mats are wonderful for those who are often cold or who suffer from chronic pain.

Thank You Cards with Postage Stamps

People who are chronically ill often receive flowers and other gifts from their loved ones. To help them easily send a thank you card, you can purchase a package of them and include a book of stamps. For a nice touch, you can also include a new pen.

A Respite Care Coupon

Caregiving is relentless and tiring. One of the nicest things you can give to someone is a coupon for some time away from their ill spouse. This will allow the caregiver to take a needed  break, and it will allow them to know that their loved one is in good hands while they are away.

A Heated Blanket

Both heated lap blankets and full-size heated bed blankets are wonderful for those who are older and who are ill. The warming helps to alleviate pain and also helps to lower home heating bills.

Disability Specific Magazine Subscription

If your relatives have a common disease such as diabetes, then you can send them a gift subscription to a magazine with a diabetic focus. These type of magazines offer hope to readers and give concrete suggestions for better managing their disease.

A DVD Rental Subscription

If your elderly couple watches DVD movies, then a rental subscription can be a wonderful gift. They can choose which DVD's they would like to watch and then they will be sent to their home.

Maid Service for a Day

The last thing caregivers want to do is clean their house. By giving maid service for a day, you can help free some time up in the couple's schedule for more pleasurable activities.

Final Thoughts

Gift buying for those who are living with a chronic illness does not need to be complicated nor expensive. And, if all else fails, there is always the gift of flowers or tasty foods.